Brand Story

Why did we create this brand?


When I was a child, I always looked forward to going to my grandfather's house. He was a good carpenter in our village. He played a mysterious magician role in my boring childhood. Those wooden guns, little horse, swings and toy blocks brought me to a surprising treasure world like “Narnia”. His house was full of unique home decor, even the not eye-catching corner also remained his ingenuity. In his hands, those small screws, tools and knives seemed to be alive. He was the general of that world, leading the tools to make new trophies. 

Grandpa always said, "No matter where we are, in family or at work, we should not ignore the function of details.

I didn't know very well about those words until I grew up and had my own family. It was an unforgettable time when we were renovation our house. The bad environment made me exhausted and tired. I had to design every single thing by myself, from the repair of tables to the design of a bathroom mirror.Things didnt go well everywhere. Those annoying problems kept irritating me from time to time. Sometimes the light bulb was broken, and sometimes the pipe in the kitchen was suddenly blocked. An ugly scratches from the chair may annoy me the whole day. However, my grandpas words encouraged me to solve those little problems. Then I thought maybe I can start a shop to make everybody become a magician.

In order to make life easy and innovative from the small details, we built INCRWEAY to provide high-quality hardware accessories and home decor. We hope that our products can help you to solve all your "small" problems in your life. Increase the way to life, enrich the life you live.